生如夏花之绚烂 死如秋叶之静美

【Wigolas】Till Time Do Us Part(1):Shipwreck






英文标题‘Till Time Do Us Part’意为“直到时间将我们分离”,改自《Book of Common Prayer》中的结婚誓约‘Till Death Do Us Part’。中文标题为“时海之隔”。——标题寓意之后自会揭晓。

为练笔,全文为英文写作,短时间内不考虑全篇翻译【否则大概要累死orz…… 不过每章结尾会附上中文剧情简介,方便大家理解。如果有任何表达错误请多指教~

-Part 1-

[Chapter 1]Shipwreck

Sea. Endless sea. Infinite sea. No land. No shore. Just water itself. Dark blue, splashing, flipping, twirling, unstopping, ever uneasily moving. As if without this movement, it would freeze to death of boredom and silence.

‘How energetic is the Sea,’ he thought. Unlike him, already tired of the world. With all those ages lived, battles fought, victories earned and friends lost, finally, he, though he had never expected this himself, had grew tired of the world.

And there he was, seeking peace and rest in the West, or rather seeking escape from the unstopping movement of this world. At last, he was running away from his battle.

He lifted up his eyes, and those were of the purest blue of the sky. But that sky was now overwhelmed by grim heavy clouds of grief. He saw nothing. Not a gull soaring over his head, or a storm lurking somewhere, waiting to pounce over and strike. No. Not a thing, as if to show contrast against the Sea. He sighed.

‘Are you hungry, Master Dwarf?’ he asked his sleepy companion who was already dozing off under his thick heavy helmet. ‘Umm…’ a grumble came from underneath that hideous brunch of tangling red beard. He took it as a yes. Glad to be casting the oak oars aside at last, he leaped up to the stern of the swan-shaped ship, leaned forward and reached for the baggage wrapped in green-grey cloth. But before he could withdraw his balance, a huge wave out of nowhere swayed the boat from the starboard, making him topple over, waver dangerously for a moment on the brim, and then, if it weren’t for that abrupt gale and a tremendous torrent of unexpected tempest, fell.

Eyes widening with sudden fear, he dashed headfirst into the freezing current, his arms flapping helplessly in the water, unable to take hold to heave himself upwards to the surface. Unfortunately, having grown up in the inland woods, his knowledge of the Sea was pathetically poor. He held his breath, forcing himself to resist the temptation of inhaling or opening his mouth, and tried to stop useless struggle and calm down. His night-sight made out the blurry outline of the bottom of a long leaf-like pitch through the glittering glimmer. He made for it, stroking as hard s he could. It was near. Nearer and nearer. At last, when he thrust his head out the surface, harsh rain pounded on him like hard cold arrowheads of Orcs. His mouth gaped open, greedily intaking the fresh air, and resting his aching muscle for a while. There he gathered strength again and headed for his boat floating nearby. 

But almost as if Ulmo himself were setting against him, another incoming tide raged towards him, tossing the ship over like a little pathetic leaf. The timber went crashing down towards him, and down also went his hope of escape. His instinct told him at once what should’ve been done, though his sanity told him in the mean time the most possible consequence — and it was not good. but he had to do it, nonetheless. Without another thought, he lifted both arms over his head and he though he heard the sound of bones twisting when they received the crushing downfall of the boat. Yet he gritted his teeth and swallowed the pain, and pushed, pushed with all strength left, pushed as if he were pushing a mountain back into its loosening base. With a sudden shake he knew he did it, but before his heart could leap up with joy a turbulence shoved him to the opposite direction. This time he had no energy left at all to fight against the fierce torrent. He was so tired that he didn’t want to resist anymore. Let it take him. Let it take him.

He was dragged by a brutal force, backwards, downwards, uncontrollably spinning with the vortex, further and further, until the faint outline of the swan faded from his dim sight into forever darkness, and all was gone.




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