生如夏花之绚烂 死如秋叶之静美

【Wigolas】Till Time Do Us Part(4):Why?




  1. (1)Shipwreck

  2. (2)Salvage

  3. (3)Debut & Reunion


[Chapter 4]Why?

If he didn't even have a heart, then why was that hollow chest aching so much? Why did he feel such sharp pain wrenching his soul and tearing him apart? Why was his brain erased of all other emotions and left with mere, endless blankness and unspeakable sorrow? Why?

Why did it hurt so much?

He couldn't understand. And he wasn’t given time to understand. The unfamiliar Elf acted speedily during his mind's absence. Weight heavied on one of the knives to pin down Will's cutlass, while the other drew out from the stalemate and dashed down between the crossing blades right towards Will's chest, aiming to kill. This was the deadliest move the Elf knew, knowing that if his opponent drew back in avoidance of the stab it would be impossible for him to steady his sword. The next second, he would lose his balance, or worse, his life. However, if he refused to withdraw, the stab in his heart would be inevitable. 


But the dagger didn't pierce through its target. For all too soon a white glare flashed, and with astonishment Legolas saw the long curving cutlass fly out of the pirate’s hand and twist around his knife, twirling up a cold breeze that chilled his face, and its keen blade spinning towards him to chop his head in half.

He had no other option but to dodge. Out of the corner of his eye he saw one golden thread of hair sliced in half by the quick, sharp blade, which bit deep  for a few inches into the deck beside him. He knew if he hadn’t  just ducked in time it would be his head that was slit. 

Yet nonetheless he could not evade the fall. His slippery boots finally lost hold of the seafood-covered deck, and he fell, his golden hair lining out a perfect curve in midair as his weight dragged him backwards down to the embrace of earth.

But before he could feel the hard impact of the ground, his arm was dragged by a warm strong hand. It felt rough, calloused from long years of forging, yet it was soft and gentle as it pulled him up from the fall. Soon he was standing firm on his feet again, surprised and confused. But as a soldier fighting a battle, this was a chance he would never have missed.

The next moment Will found himself pushed backwards to the ground, the light weight of the Elf pressing on his stomach, a powerful hand and a sharp blade at his throat suppressing him to make any other move. He should’ve seen this coming.

‘Move a little finger, your throat gets cut,’ Legolas threatened through gritted teeth. ‘You too!’ he shouted to the restless crowd watching without a look back, ‘unless you want him dead.’

However, he had no intention of killing this so-called Will Turner. Now gaining back sanity after his rage, he realised that on a ship filled with enemies, killing one of them would hardly be the wisest thing to do. He needed a leverage. A chip. A hostage. To ensure his safety and to achieve his want.

‘I want to see your leader.’

‘As you want him,’ Will held his hands up above his shoulders in a defenseless position.

‘You?’ Will could reckon the doubt in the Elf's tone, which hurt him a little. Once he had said he would never doubt him ever again.

‘Will Turner, Captain of The Flying Dutchman,’ and before Legolas could say another word he continued, ‘I don’t know why you’re here, or why you recognise me not, but if I know anything, hopefully, ’tis that you don’t enjoy killing. I can give you everything you desire, and willingly so. There’s no point in blades.’

‘How shall I know?’ Legolas asked, surprised by the words of this stranger. Through every word he spoke, he seemed to know him, yet by no chance had he seen this Man ever before. The life of an Elf might be long, but they never easily forgot. He didn’t know if he could trust such a stranger, who possibly knew everything of him, but he knew nothing of. 

‘You could kill me the moment I raise my blade.’

‘No, you misunderstood me,’ Will replied, ‘I mean there’s literally no point…’ He wasn’t sure if he should tell Legolas this, now that he seemed to have lost all memory concerning him. Would it frighten him? Would he simply reckon it all made up? Or would this make him think him a filthy liar and completely untrustworthy? He did not know. But he knew one thing, and that was he couldn’t bear lying to him.

‘The point is, I’ve got no heart.’ 

He saw suspect rose in that sea of blue, and regretted at once for his totally bear frankness. But once said, it was water under the bridge. He could only try to explain and hope this ‘new’ Legolas would understand. 

He opened up his clothes and revealed the terrifying scar stretching across the left of his chest. 

‘I’m cursed, you see? My heart was ripped out, literally ripped out, and put in a chest. I’m immortal. And unlike you Elves, I can never die, not even from wound or grief.’

At this Legolas wavered, maybe surprised by the mention of Elves, or maybe just somehow touched by the final word.

‘Since I can’t be killed, whether you’re pointing me with a sword or not, I’m not threatened. But I promise with my honour that I’ll satisfy your every need and command, except those demanding your freedom to leave this ship. These are cursed waters, Legolas. You’re no safer anywhere else.’

‘Why should I trust you? I have nothing but your word.’

‘’Cuz you have my word,’ said Will.

This is a strange Man, thought Legolas. He looked into the brown eyes of the lying pirate, trying to figure out if he was really lying through those windows of his heart. But he saw therein only earnest and honesty, no deception and lies. And for some reason, in the bright shiny light, he thought he saw also therein something familiar, yet couldn’t be recalled; something lost, yet had been forgotten. 

Then he raised his knife. 

Why? He questioned himself. Why did he so easily give up the only chance of life known to him when he was already grabbing it in his hand? Why did he trust a raggedy pirate talking with unbelievable fantasies that he knew nothing of but a name? For some reason he did not yet know. Yet he would find out, pretty soon…



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